Delta visual arts show


It was a very long day yesterday in Newport for the delta visual arts show but it was well worth it. I met a lot of fascinating people. The fact that I sold a painting I kept hanging onto and revisiting was a plus. The lady that bought it was very intrigued by it and fell in love with it at first sight. I was talking to someone when she came back and she was grinning from ear to ear and was so excited to say I want this! It was really neat. I had a lot of people interested in my work and intrigued in my concept behind making it. My work was very different from the rest of the work I seen. I don’t think It should be decorative but it is fun to make it with that intent sometimes. When I laid all my work out, paintings and prints, it was easy to see, I paint with my moods and I have 2 distinct types of art making processes. I want to be known for my conceptual work that is minimal. But the other is painting because I want to. I have an idea or jut feel like painting with no intentions. My prints are very intentional and meant to convey a message. While my paintings may have a message or they may just be a painting.

Almost done!


After 6 hours of cutting I am almost finished! The cuts are a lot easier than in the small one but I have to pay close attention and be careful as I’m working. It is coming along quite nicely and I am happy so far!
I have decided on an image for my post card and are waiting for my moo cards to come in! I also ordered some small stickers with my website on them. I hope they come in before new Orleans. I used a photoshopped image of my face for the the stickers because I hope when I meet people it will be a reminder of who I am and how try can contact me!



New work


I have decided to work larger with a variety of colors. Today I did a series of mono prints that I am very pleased with. I enjoyed the mono print process a lot but I felt like I wanted to have a more streamline finished result. But I do love color and I think it adds another dimension to my work.

Kara Walker


Kara Walker is typically known for her projections but she also does a lot of paper-cut images and uses them a lot to work through ideas. She has a pop-up book that sells for over $1000 dollars on amazon. I first heard about her in history of modern art, and have since then tried to keep up with her as much as possible. She is also featured in an episode of art21 on pbs where you can see her studio and glimpse at her process.

Delusions are sweet!


                I am continuing my body of work from last semester that is a series of prints with the text “you need me”. I am experimenting in photoshop to make digital prints that will focus more on the advertisement industry. I will also use these advertisements and other found images to screenprint as well. With using the advertisements and other images my work will be more compositionally sound, and more aesthetically pleasing, while delivering the message more clearly for what the words “you need me” are referring to from the artists’ perspective.

                I am also abstractly collaging cut-out magazine articles and advertisements. I am layering these and making it so the original image is entirely lost in the end result. After collaging, I am screen printing on top of the images. I use the magazine collages to ground the work and make it more visually intriguing.

                I am taking images of people interacting with others to convey the idea of codependency and images of individuals alone to convey we need each other, which is my conclusion of the journey through the different avenues of, “you need me”.

                I am working out the process of creating a life-size casting of a woman that I can use for an installation. In order to convey the message that what we do and things we buy can define us; whether this is a negative or positive varies between person-to-person. While my prints are blatant, the installation piece is more open to interpretation. It is an open-ended question for the observer to contemplate.



Today I played around in photoshop and manipulated various advertisements. It was a lot of fun to explore photoshop while not having any expectations of what I was trying to achieve. The results are about 7 or so images that are still relative to my “you need me” body of work.



I came to the conclusion that A: I’m a tad off and B: the reason I want to be obsessed with installations is because I have always felt awkward and out of place, so I want to project that onto others. Thus, the reasoning behind putting the unexpected in an area. See perfect sense. Victory Is Mine!