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Delta visual arts show


It was a very long day yesterday in Newport for the delta visual arts show but it was well worth it. I met a lot of fascinating people. The fact that I sold a painting I kept hanging onto and revisiting was a plus. The lady that bought it was very intrigued by it and fell in love with it at first sight. I was talking to someone when she came back and she was grinning from ear to ear and was so excited to say I want this! It was really neat. I had a lot of people interested in my work and intrigued in my concept behind making it. My work was very different from the rest of the work I seen. I don’t think It should be decorative but it is fun to make it with that intent sometimes. When I laid all my work out, paintings and prints, it was easy to see, I paint with my moods and I have 2 distinct types of art making processes. I want to be known for my conceptual work that is minimal. But the other is painting because I want to. I have an idea or jut feel like painting with no intentions. My prints are very intentional and meant to convey a message. While my paintings may have a message or they may just be a painting.



I had this idea for awhile and finally explored it. I scooped latex paint out of the gallon and dropped onto the canvas. I cut out vinyl letters at placed them on the canvas first. I didn’t think about digging them out after the paint dried but luckily when it dried I could see where they were. I like the way this turned out but I am considering cutting the letters out of the canvas. I think it would add to the creepiness.


Color theory


While the color theory is time consuming more than anyone realizes, I am enjoying mixing the paints! It’s interesting to see how a dab of color changes the rest. I hate to waste paints especially when they are the best I’ve ever owned, so I am making paintings out of what would have been rinsed down the drain. It gives me a way if comparing the colors as they mingle with other colors. I have discovered several interesting combinations that will surely make their way into my works.


Making messes


I just “finished” one of the biggest canvas paintings I have ever done. I used interior house paint, acrylic, craft paint, tempera, water and wax. I’m leaving it outside to dry for a few days. I’m sure one of my cats will walk on it but if that’s all they do I will be pleased.I was happy to find out that what I am wanting to do has already been coined a movement so I don’t feel completely out in left field. The inspiration started hitting me yesterday at school when I knew there would be a small window for me to get some paint on canvas. But I woke up at 4am and could not go back to sleep thinking about it! I guess inspiration overload is better than a deficiency of it!


Dumpster diving, the latest craze


Matt and Shawn came over and we compiled our trash project for painting 1. It’s really weird working with people on art projects. I hate group work of any kind but usually it’s for something other than art so it’s not as difficult for me. But us 3 work really well together, I trust and respect their judgment so I feel very lucky to have been given them as my teammates. I’m glad Dustyn is having us think about our environment in this project.

The Tormented artist


When I decided to change my major from philosophy to art I was excited and nervous. I knew with a ba in philosophy I would be able to get different types of jobs. But to take the step in changing to art meant a lot of things. I never considered art to be a field in which u needed a degree to succeed in. Considering I would be the only family member to have went to college at all I had little to compare to. But I looked back throughout my life and I saw consistencies. I have vivid images of the way the underneath of our coffee table looked. I remember the grains and the knots from the cheap particle board flaking off on my face when I would apply too much pressure with crayon or pens. I would spend hours under there while my family watched tv or did whatever they were doing. I was in my own little world.
I know I am an artist. I enjoy every aspect of creating and if an idea happens to be communicated then great. With writing there are words that although are usually constructed around abstract ideas, the reader still has the luxury of reading It repeatedly if they don’t understand. With art I love the idea of me making something because I am inspired by something, or sometimes nothing, and through the process images appear. Sometimes it’s intentionally but in painting at least it usually is not.
Point is: I need to relax and let the universe decide my fate while I continue to explore ideas instead of obsessing over finding a meaning first then making art. I believe that when I make it, everything I feel is attached to it. Whether anyone else sees it, is irrelevant. Wow that sounds extremely conceited I think?