Monthly Archives: March 2012

Painting Project


┬áThis is “models by a wicker chair” by Edvard Munch. This is my favorite painting of his and a great example of expressionist portraiture I am interested in doing. The painting that I posted before this is my first time painting in this style and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For my last painting project I want to do a series of portraits. I am not interested in portraying specific people rather to have images that could be most people. Personally i would rather paint women but I am considering have the subjects be gender neutral. If I do this there will be more than 1 person in the painting and they will be embracing. I am concerned with the issue of marriage that should not even be an issue. These paintings will focus on love and the intimate moment, rather than the sex of the subjects. Another aspect of it is the idea that the male is always the masculine and female is the feminine. In relationships these roles can be reveresed even when the couple is the opposite sex.

Dedication ceremony


The dedication ceremony went very well today. The class was very open with their influences and the audience was very receptive. I was surprised to be told by the chaplain that my piece was the most religious piece in the chapel. She said to her it was plainly the story of Easter, with skulls representing death, the DNA the transformation or resurrection and the butterflies the spirit of Christ. I was very pleased to hear her take on it.

Pre-spring break happenings


We had the awards ceremony last night for the 9th annual juried student show and I actually won 3rd place for my very small painting of a Pygmy tyrant bird. The show has a lot of great works in it so I was very surprised I placed. My good friends Sean Gibson and Allan Candler placed 2nd and 1st with Allan also receiving the presidents purchase award. It is truly a great honor to share the experience with them.