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BAAC Show of Bork and Dahl


After a casual stroll in frost-bite weather, I found a lil gallery in downtown Batesville that was having an art reception for two artists I have never heard of before, Dustyn Bork and Carly Dahl. There were a lot of works that were screenprinted, which I dont have the pleasure of seeing very often so it was quite a treat. I really enjoyed the work that was done by Dahl in which she screenprinted onto fabric. This is something I have twirled around my brain a few times and she did a very good job on doing so. On a few she used dilluted ink that enabled the pattern of the fabric to be seen through the dress of the girl she had printed. This was a very pleasing effect.

Bork’s work is completely abstract that incorporates¬† a lot of patterns that are pleasing to the eye yet I am not sure what the meaning is behind said patterns. However I am seeng a pattern of this throughout his work. I was very drawn to some boxes that he had painted and printed on. The use of contrasting colors is always nice to see. I would have liked to have seen more repetition of screen printed patterns but that is the part of me that wants to take a work of art and suffocate it, then see whats left. If i had more money or a spare kid(ney) i would have loved to have purchased a few of the artworks but I am overdrawn in that department. I have a feeling these artists are going places in life. And i had a small inclination that they were yankees.

Self image


My self image painting is coming along nicely. It has taken a different route than originally intended but I love when that happens! I am going to use izzy for the little girl looking in the mirror because she has the sweetest profile I know. And she is the reason I worry about what the world projects in to children.

Presentation on my work


It was really fun to prepare a presentation of my work. It was nice to reflect on where I was at in the beginning and how far I have came. With painting I have a distinct style but with printing I am now comfortable with my technique where I can develop my own body of work. I am constantly looking at other artists and listening to their concept of their work. Some artists leave the end product as their work and that works for me sometime. But I want mine to be made for a reason. So I think concept is the most important aspect and then obviously technique.



For my last project in painting I am focusing on what advertisements, movies and dolls do to a growing little girls mind. These are corrupting and damaging means to communicate false senses of beauty and can be detrimental to a growing mind. This idea is not limited to females, men struggle With the same issues a well and is often times completely over-looked. I want to use a little girl for my subject matter because I am looking at it from a female perspective but I am not throwing out the idea to use a boy.