Monthly Archives: October 2011

good days


i thought yesterday was going to be an amazing day. Then my emulsion wa messed up on my screen that reulted in a bunch of bad prints and wasted ink. Eventually (with the help of Dustyn) i was able to work through the problems and eventually made some awesome prints. I printed for over 3 hours and had plenty of prints to show for it. Now i have quite a few print that are finished and i am extremely satisfied with. To look back on what i was doing last semester make me feel very confident i am on the right path.

i have a few sketches for my appopriation painting that i am really excited about as well. i was fortunate enough to find an awesome painting that is executed pretty tastefully apart from being painted on velvet, but i am envisioning it right into the rest of my body of work.

Finished still life


I was really pleased with the outcome of my still life after adding the background. I have an all new respect for portrait artists who paint now! I am ready to get started on my master copy of one of picasso’s absinthe drinkers now!
Tomorrow in advanced concepts we are having a group critique. I will be glad to get some opinions on my work from my peers. I am staring in a series of screen prints that I can’t wait to get to work on!

Art walk


I went to am art walk in downtown little rock With dr.beck and Marcia Wallace we had so much fun! We went to the arts center and their was a John Barnett exhibit that was a very good representation of his work. He had some huge, multiple edition lithographs that I was impressed with. His body of work ranges a lot which I respect in an artist. At the butler center there was am exhibit of the pastel society which was very nice to see.there was also A sculpture exhibit that was a contest to see who would get to have their piece placed by the river. This was my favorite piece because it reminded me of Camille claudel’s “implorer”. The artist is obviously influenced by her work and one of her pieces was even named “Camille”.



Fruits and veggies


I have completed my big still life. I couldnt figure out why my apples look like tomatoes (other than the fact I haven’t ever painted still life). But as a plead for my case I am going with the fact that I have appropriately captured what I was seeing. While the angles were interesting, it was very difficult to be to capture the way I wanted to With paint. I plan on working from still life more so I can get to the level of quality that I can through other medium.


Master Copy


So I decided against something from the blue period. I have always loved the absinthe drinkers series and thats something i would love to have adorning my walls. This particular one is my favorite from the series. I think it will give me a broad spectrum of color to experiment with so that will keep it exciting. By exciting I mean stressful and by stressful I mean I will learn a lot from the process.



I had this idea for awhile and finally explored it. I scooped latex paint out of the gallon and dropped onto the canvas. I cut out vinyl letters at placed them on the canvas first. I didn’t think about digging them out after the paint dried but luckily when it dried I could see where they were. I like the way this turned out but I am considering cutting the letters out of the canvas. I think it would add to the creepiness.