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Inky lips press


Had fun at the inky lips press today! It was so awesome having all those machines and letterpress essentials within reach! I loved doing them and watching at the printmaking conference but today was exceptional because it was my own words I pressed. I love working with machines! Mr McGarr was a super cool guy and I am very gals I got the chance to participate. I hope to keep in contact with him and perhaps help him sometime with projects. Thanks to Dustyn for setting it up!


U need me


Finally. I have decided and been approved for my project! I will be working in the medium I wanted to which is printmaking and I will be focusing on text. I will be working in a minimalist style however which is opposite of what I have always done. But It will be a way to practice what I “preach” as far as the bare essentials. I am super excited about and I already drowning in ideas. Yay!

flan tasticks


dana frankfort and wendy white are two female artists that i am newly appreciating. Their work is spontaneous and takes on a life of its own. Normally they dont have anything in mind other than a desire to create something. A difference between mine and their work ethic is that i dont know when to give up. which seems to be a charactor flaw of mine. And i have realized the way i have been working feeds into that so i have given that up. my husband has threatened me several times to hide my work from me. occassionally i wish he had. but dont tell him that!

Clinton museum


Took the kids to the Clinton library to sidewalk chalk and we checked out the Lego art exhibit. Kelt didnt want to go to little Rock this morning because he wanted to play with his legos so u can imagine how excited he was to see sculptures made from legos! How lucky! it was nothing short of amazing.


Mission Nurse



Richard Prince

Mission Nurse I found this image and was drawn to it for a few reasons. I think the nurse is extremely creepy. Nurses have always scared me and now that my husband is one, well i still dont care for them. I consider them all “Angels of Death” ever since I learned there was a name for nurses that kill people. (BTW my husband is a GREAT nurse I actually do trust him, to an extent :)) I thoroughly enjoy the visible brushstrokes and patches of paint that give the sense of shades and highlights. I also found a battlestar gallactica text image by Richard Prince but I couldnt get it to upload due to extreme sleepyness. There are quite a few of these style paintings with nurses as the subject matter. I like to look at them but I know I could NEVER have them in my house, I would never sleep. PERHAPS that is why I am drawn to them so much because they do scare the creeps out of me. If an image can do that in any way, it is powerful.

Richard Prince

Color theory


While the color theory is time consuming more than anyone realizes, I am enjoying mixing the paints! It’s interesting to see how a dab of color changes the rest. I hate to waste paints especially when they are the best I’ve ever owned, so I am making paintings out of what would have been rinsed down the drain. It gives me a way if comparing the colors as they mingle with other colors. I have discovered several interesting combinations that will surely make their way into my works.