Monthly Archives: August 2011

Secret Japanese garden


I was told about this garden a year ago. If I knew it was as beautiful as it is I would have already been! There’s many different types of trees and plants throughout. Stages of Buddha, Indian goddesses and pagodas are great surprises while admiring the greenery. There are two koi ponds with a large one in the works. It was awe inspiring to say the least and what’s really fantastic is everyone around here passes it probably once a week or more and has no clue what their missing.







LA. vs War Echo Park Wall Collaboration


LA. vs War Echo Park Wall Collaboration.

I am really inspired by street art. I love the idea that it could be destroyed at anytime. It reminds me that sometimes the act of making art is one of the most important times of the process. These images clearly communicate ideas. This is another example of how I wish to incorporate and be a lot better at printmaking.

Weak Won


The first week of school, and even though I am being bombarded, at least I am being bombarded with things I am excited about doing. So welcome to my blog. Please keep your expectations low and your caffeine consumption high. I aim to bring the politically forgotten to the forefront. If you are looking for “pretty pictures” this is not the place. I enjoy expansion; of thought processes, arms, and boarders. Over and out!